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Pensioners Mr and Mrs Beach, the former owners of Padd Farm were fined, imprisoned and family evicted from their 32-acre farm for renting their caravans and storing commercial goods without the council’s permission. Only for the new owners to do the same and much much more (see above image) but with the council’s blessing. Carry on reading or CLICK HERE to watch a documentory.

Plans have been submitted by the new owners for 'change of use' of the greenbelt land from a 'agricultural farm' to a 'commercial yard'. Including a full-on industrial complex; Multiple HGV movements and HGV parking, numerous multi-storey buildings, offices and metal fabrication workshops. The farm is situated at the end of a single-track road (Hurst Lane, Virginia Water, Egham) and next to dozens of residential homes.

But Mr Beach's historical planning applications were always 'refused' by the council in the past

How is it the new cash-rich owners of Padd Farm will, more than likely, have their plans approved while Mr Beach’s planning applications were always refused by Runnymede Borough Council?

Ah, the penny drops!

Mr and Mrs Beach were forced to give up their farm (in Virginia Water, Egham) to pay the council compensation for alleged breaches in planning regulations.

Runnymede Borough Council used the Proceeds of Crime Act to successfully prosecute Mr and Mrs Beach for receiving housing benefit payments for the rental of caravans to families. Homeless families which the council sent to Mr and Mrs Beach for emergency accommodation. 

For decades and with little recognition, Mr and Mrs Beach of Padd Farm, Surrey had been putting roofs over the heads of Runnymede’s less fortunate citizens at affordable rents paid for by Runnymede Borough Council.

However, the High Court of Appeal in London ruled if accommodation (in this case caravans) doesn't have full planning permission. The practice of councils 'encouraging' landlords to take rental payments and then 'prosecute' the landlords for receiving the payments is ‘acceptable’ and the payments should be treated as 'illegal income' recoverable by the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. But a caravan is a temporary structure, right? It has wheels, so why is planning permission required in the first place? 

Readers may be wondering how is it a council can with one hand pay rent to a landlord and then with the other, prosecute the landlord for taking it. Well, the council say its two different departments, with one not knowing what the other is doing.

Mr Beach therefore argued "In that case, my wife is in effect a different department as she never had anything to do with the running of the farm. Therefore she should not be prosecuted" But the council and courts disagreed and sent both Mr and Mrs Beach to prison.

The council also prosecuted Mr and Mrs Beach's son and even their son's 'girlfriend' for residing at a property that allegedly breached planning regulations. Wtf. Both of which faced lengthy jail time if they didn’t pay the thousands of pounds demanded from them.

Mr Beach was prosecuted and fined for storing a small amount of commercial goods such as containers, skips and scaffolding without the council's permission. Why would you need planning permision to have a skip on you own property?

Look at it now (see images below). The new owners are taking the p**s and getting away with it!

Mr and Mrs Beach were forced to pay an astonishing £1,400,000 (+ interest at £400 per day, yes per day) or sell their home (Padd Farm).

The property was put up for sale. Because Mr and Mrs Beach would not sell Padd Farm to the council at a ridiculously low price - Runnymede Borough Council deliberately sabotaged all potential purchase enquiries and engineered the pensioners imprisonment for non-payment. Mr and Mrs Beach were sentanced to a combined 13 years (7 & 6 yrs) and sent to prison.

While Mr and Mrs Beach were in prison. Runnymede Borough Council successfully applied for an ‘enforcement receiver’. Specifically someone called ‘Louise Brittain’. This scrupleless person along with her heavies went on to evict the Beach family and sold the property to her friends (the current new owners) at a fraction of its value while charging Mr and Mrs Beach £666,000 for the privlege (see article below).

When Mr and Mrs Beach owned Padd farm. It was a typical smallholding and residence. With a few caravans and outbuildings (buildings with existing permissions) that provided an invaluable service to the local community . . .

 . . . but look at Padd Farm now:

padd farm after2

New owners are continuing to ‘concrete’ land at Padd Farm without permission and continue to ignore existing council issued 'enforcement notices' which prohibit the storage of commercial equipment. But Runnymede Borough Council are refusing to act against the new owners. Go figure!

Images from: on-thetake.com



Tap above to see an ariel video of Padd ‘FARM’ taken early March 2024 and sent in anonymously.

Will Runnymede Borough Council take action against the new cash-rich owners of the ‘FARM’ who are clearly breaching planning regulations and enforcement notices? Not a chance. The new owners are even concreting new roadways without a worry in the world.

But if it were you or me or pensioners, like Mr and Mrs Beach (the previous owners), you can bet your arse RBC would be down on us like a shot.


 Got 10 minutes?
Watch and listen to ‘THE STORY OF PADD FARM'. A great documentary created by Kris Brooks from LSB Film Productions.


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Louise Brittain
The Receiver who EVICTED the Beach family and SOLD Padd Farm to HER FRIENDS at less than HALF VALUE



Insolvency Professional of the Year: Louise Brittain

How can this be possible?
Link to article HERE


 Are you a Farmer or Land Owner?
WARNING - What happened to this Land Owner could happen to YOU

Pensioners EVICTED by Receiver Louise Brittain to make way for new owners - The Receiver's FRIENDS!


Above is 70-year-old Mr Beach, being rushed by armed riot police after threatening to ‘blow himself up’ rather than let his family home and investment of 36 years be taken away from him by the Receiver and sold to her friends at a fracton of its value. 

Below is Mr Beach being led away in handcuffs.

After, Mr Beach stated:
“The Police treated me with respect”
Unlike the Receiver, Louise Brittain, who
Goaded me to blow myself up”



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Mr and Mrs Beach are victims of a brutal bullying and victimisation campaign by local authority, Runnymede Borough Council (RBC).

RBC exaggerated the amount of alleged illegal income Mr and Mrs Beach received in order to cover up the fact that main source of illegal funding was from 'RBC'.

RBC used the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - a judicial process that cannot be used as a punitive measure - to 'punish' Mr and Mrs Beach for refusing to sell the farm to the council.

RBC for decades paid Mr and Mrs Beach for emergancy accommodation services and then RBC prosecuted Mr and Ms Beach for 'receiving' the payments?

RBC appointed a scrupleless Receiver to purposely transfer property title away from Mr and Ms Beach at a fraction of its value.


One of the directors at Abbey Forwarding suffered a mental breakdown, brought about "out of despair of what had happened" and the "overwhelming sense of injustice"

- Abbey Forwarding Story

- MP demands Louise Brittain must "never be appointed as liquidator"

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