SIA Group’s pathetic attempt to sell a multi-million-pound property:


SIA Group (part of Colliers International) in their glossy sales brochure (not) left out critical details which devalued Padd Farm:

  • 32 acres (not 29.97)
  • 5 dwellings
  • 5 acres of lawful hard standing
  • 20,000 square feet of lawful buildings
  • Mains sewerage
  • Massive electricity supply
  • 4 entrances

The above omissions and agricultural implication were a deliberate ploy to devalue Mr and Ms Beach’s property, reducing the chance of genuine offers so Padd Farm could be sold by crooked Receiver, Louise Brittain, to her friends at less than half it's market value.

Would you put your property in the hands of agents SIA Group? I think not.

Matt Brumpton at the SIA Group (pictured) - you should be ashamed of yourself!

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Mr and Mrs Beach are victims of a brutal bullying and victimisation campaign by local authority, Runnymede Borough Council (RBC).

RBC exaggerated the amount of alleged illegal income Mr and Mrs Beach received in order to cover up the fact that main source of illegal funding was from 'RBC'.

RBC used the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - a judicial process that cannot be used as a punitive measure - to 'punish' Mr and Mrs Beach for refusing to sell the farm to the council.

RBC for decades paid Mr and Mrs Beach for emergancy accommodation services and then RBC prosecuted Mr and Ms Beach for 'receiving' the payments?

RBC appointed a scrupleless Receiver to purposely transfer property title away from Mr and Ms Beach at a fraction of its value.


One of the directors at Abbey Forwarding suffered a mental breakdown, brought about "out of despair of what had happened" and the "overwhelming sense of injustice"

- Abbey Forwarding Story

- MP demands Louise Brittain must "never be appointed as liquidator"