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Proprietors: Mr Russell Compton, Mr Colin Langston and Mr Mark Love

After being entrapped by Runnymede Borough Council; Mr Beach was forced to pay several ‘confiscation orders’. A court issued confiscation order is a type of fine that is equal to the alleged illegal income that a person has benefited during a set period of time.

Mr Beach needed a solution to pay these extortionate amounts. Amounts which Mr Beach received from the LEGITIMATE rental of buildings (and areas) which HAVE planning permission at Padd Farm and from caravan rental received FROM Runnymede Borough Council. Income that the council, who were the prosecuting party, managed to convince the courts was ‘illegal income'. Wtf.

Mr Beach decided to put Padd Farm up for sale. Dozens of enquiries were received but none of which were taken much further. Mr Beach suspected the council and he was right. Potential buyers were being told by Runnymede Borough Council that Padd Farm was in a flood zone, the ground was contaminated and a number of other fabrications all designed to handicap Mr Beach in his pursuit to discharge the confiscation orders.

However, the people at were not put off and contacted Mr Beach with a promise that they could raise more than enough to cover Mr Beach’s confiscation orders in a just few months. to the rescue, Mr Beach thought.

Funds would be raised by obtaining planning permission for a number of new homes on a small area of Padd Farm. Enabling Mr Beach to remain on the land he purchased some 30 years ago while only a part of the farm would be developed.

Terms were agreed and an ‘Option Agreement’ was generated where it was agreed that there would be no cost to Mr Beach. Everything connected to obtaining planning permission would be borne by A perfect solution for Mr Beach.

The council having entrapped Mr Beach into paying the grossly inflated confiscation orders. Mr Beach was nevertheless happy to cover the orders if the council, in turn, now grant planning permission.

However, after the agreement was recorded at the Land Registry. Mr Russell Compton from reported to Mr Beach that Runnymede Borough Council would under no circumstances consent to Padd Farm being developed while Mr Beach remained at Padd Farm.

So, the agreement was changed or varied where upon successful planning, Mr Beach would receive an agreed amount but would OWN Padd Farm outright. Subject to overage payments which would be recorded at the Land Registry and payable to Mr Beach's family for the next 125 years if further planning was granted.

So far so good, Mr Beach thought. But - unpaid confiscation orders carry with them a prison sentence. In other words, if you don’t pay a confiscation order within a set time frame – you go to prison! Even when you come out – you still have to pay the whole amount due. Not just part, the whole amount!

Many months’ went by and with confiscation sentencing looming, Mr Beach pleaded with Mr Russell Compton from to provide something which would convince the court that funds will soon be made available from the sale of Padd Farm.

But Mr Compton, apart from having a couple of meetings with the council, had done very little else in terms of his part of the agreement. Mr Compton instead of creating a close relationship with the land owner - simply stopped retuning Mr Beach’s calls and ignored Mr Beach's emails.

The confiscation courts were not convinced had sufficiently progressed and on 23 February 2018, Mr and Ms Beach were imprisoned for a combined 13 years for the non-payment of confiscation orders.

While Mr and Ms Beach were in prison. Runnymede Borough Council successfully applied for an Enforcement Receiver. The Receiver, Louise Brittain, swiftly evicted all caravan tenants and told the commercial tenants at Padd Farm that Mr and Ms Beach were in prison for the 'unauthorised rental' of commercial buildings. The commercial tenants didn’t know this was untrue and quickly vacated Padd Farm for fear of also being imprisoned.

It came to light that Mr Russell Compton from made a deal with the Receiver to buy Padd Farm at far lower price than what was agreed with Mr Beach.

Mr Compton from TRM Land Ltd, who was now dealing with the Receiver [Louise Brittain] directly, only had to pay a fraction of what was originaly agreed with the land owner, Mr Beach. So naturally things started to happen. Plans were drawn, surveys were conducted and provisional applications submitted. Works which should have completed done months ago.

Mr Ian Maguire, Corporate Head of Planning at Runnymede Borough Council was generally in favour of an application for dozens of new homes at Padd Farm especially as 20 acres would be converted into public open space for the local community to enjoy. It is somewhat ironic that shortly afterwards, Mr Ian Maguire was no longer employed by the council.

The Receiver, Louise Brittain, applied to the court for permission to sell Padd Farm to ‘her friends’. Not at the property’s market value but at an amount which just covered Mr Beach’s confiscation orders. Wtf.

The Receiver had indeed agreed with a price reduction if Mr Compton agreed to purchase the property not from Mr Beach but from the Receiver’s friends instead. jumped at the chance as it would save them millions of pounds while leaving Mr Beach penniless and homeless. Typical of a scrupleless land develeper.

But it did'nt work out for the land developers. Mainly because Mr Beach throughout the legal proceedings protested and insisted that his farm was worth considerably more than what the Receiver proposed to sell it for. Mr Beach pointed out that the Receiver had mislead the court by using a very old property valuation. Which was the basis the Receiver used to try and sell Padd Farm to her colleagues at less than half of the property value. disappeared for a while and came back with a half-hearted attempt to build affordable homes on Padd Farm. The application was refused by the council.

It’s a wonder why the council refused to entertain a housing development consisting entirely of affordable homes - which would have been donated or sold at cost price to the council. But wait – Padd Farm is in Virginia Water where the average house price is £2.2m (Click Here).

30 luxury homes or 300 regular homes could be built on Padd Farm. The penny drops!


Post a comment below if you think you know what the long term plan is for Padd Farm or why Head of Planning at the council, Ian Maguire, was ‘moved on’?

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Mr and Mrs Beach are victims of a brutal bullying and victimisation campaign by local authority, Runnymede Borough Council (RBC).

RBC exaggerated the amount of alleged illegal income Mr and Mrs Beach received in order to cover up the fact that main source of illegal funding was from 'RBC'.

RBC used the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 - a judicial process that cannot be used as a punitive measure - to 'punish' Mr and Mrs Beach for refusing to sell the farm to the council.

RBC for decades paid Mr and Mrs Beach for emergancy accommodation services and then RBC prosecuted Mr and Ms Beach for 'receiving' the payments?

RBC appointed a scrupleless Receiver to purposely transfer property title away from Mr and Ms Beach at a fraction of its value.


One of the directors at Abbey Forwarding suffered a mental breakdown, brought about "out of despair of what had happened" and the "overwhelming sense of injustice"

- Abbey Forwarding Story

- MP demands Louise Brittain must "never be appointed as liquidator"